Monday, August 20, 2012

Housing Options #8

Condos are always a housing option.
You know this one. We have looked at it before.

It has always been high on my prospective housing list.

If they had just put some sand on the beaches
because I hardly ever get into the water.

And then last night I had a dream
and quickly came to my senses.


It can happen!

In fact it does all the time!

You know they will hitch a ride
by swimming up out of the ocean into a
low hanging thunderstorm or a passing cold front
and then ride suspended in the clouds for two
thousand miles, staying in the clouds for weeks
just so they can drop out of a passing
cloud into your pond or kiddypool and
then when you least expect it.

!!! CHOMP !!!

That poor lady in Apartment 2804 has no idea as
she walks toward the water for her soothing afternoon dip
that her life is about to take a very bad turn.

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