Thursday, August 23, 2012

Will you be Visitor # 36,000?

You know, you could be our 36,000th visitor.

It has to be somebody. Why not you?

If you are that lucky person, boy have we got
a surprise for you!

You could win:

an all expenses charged to your credit card
3 day, 6 night trip to


or maybe

A matched pair of black fire opals.

or maybe your very own

solid gold race car!

or perhaps a carefully selected for you

direct descendant of Fluffykitty for your very own.

"Mommy, KitCat wet in the box."

sorry - anyhow, back to the giveaway.

All you need do is send an e-mail to
stating that you were the one and only lucky winner.

Then mail $43,378,291.14 for shipping and handling
to the post office box address provided to you
by ZeroBear and as soon as your check
clears the bank we will rush your cat,
or a cat of similar construction
to you by overnight UPS.

I wish I were as lucky as you.

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