Saturday, August 11, 2012

Lets have an award today!

I see we are coming up on the 34,000th
recorded visitor to the Blog Site today!

Yeah, I'm kind'a charged up about it, too.

Anyhow, if you are the lucky 34,000th visitor to the site

we have gathered together some special prizes, one of which
will be specially selected for you, by a certain little PolyBear
who's identity will be held in strict confidence

so that none of you will know It's actually
me who selects the winner's prize.

OK enough pre-award chatter.

If you are visitor number 34,000, as evidenced by
the counter to the right >>>>
Somewhere over there.

Then sign an authorized statement that it's you
on a scrap of paper or whatever, and e-mail it to me,
and the award committee will select your prize
from among one of the following options:

You could win

an exciting near death experience, riding with
ZeroBear Poly Bear in his really fast boat. You will be
guaranteed all of the rear end clinching moments you
can stand,  including the trademarked

ZeroBear Blunder, maneuver.

Or Perhaps, you'll win

a really fast airplane ride with noted pilot
ZeroBear PolyBear at the accelerator, taking you
on a memorable Mach (Classified) fast-as-it-will-go
ride in his war surplus PolyBearBird #1 Jet Plane.

The Flight will include in air refueling, courtesy of

Bubba's Mid air gas service and

The Tuba City Fuel Island

We will probably get a Taco, too.

Your flight will culminate with the trademarked

ZeroBear One Point Landing.

Sure to excite all involved.

Or perhaps you may win


Race car ride all your very own, complete with driving
lessons by old Lead Foot himself
ZeroBear PolyBear, esq.

I have some interesting driving tactics guaranteed to
make your lesson the most exciting day

of your perhaps tragically shortened life.

or maybe you will win

This incredible stick, carefully selected
for you by internationally noted stick specialist
ZeroBear PolyBear.

You could quite possibly be the proud possessor of
one of these specially selected prizes, after submitting
$27,965,427.39 handling and shipping charges and having
your check clear my bank account.

Legally required small print follows:

We reserve the right to substitute this swell rock

or a rock of similar size and construction for your stick,
should we be out of sticks after your check clears the bank.

I wish I was as lucky as you, # 34,000 visitor.
I must say, You are a very fortunate person, indeed.

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