Friday, August 17, 2012

Housing Options #4

I may have found it!

Thanks to a nice realtor person
named Tavish McFeeley,

Yes he does look a lot like that other guy,
but this guy's name is Tavish. No, I have no
idea why he is wearing that dress. I'm just hoping
he knows how to sit properly, because one never knows
does one?

Anyhow, Tavish heard
I had lots of money to put into property,
and I got this one today from him in the e-mail.

Tavish says it's called Eilean Donnan Castle and it's in Scotland.

It was built a long long time ago, and apparently is
still in pretty good condition.

Tavish says it's probably "A wee bit haunted".

I wonder...

does anyone know if

the ghosts are extra or if they are included
in the asking price?

Does anybody know where Scotland is?

Is it like between Shuqualak and Scooba?
Because that would keep me within
driving distance of my favorite waffle cooker.

Google Maps keeps sending me to some funny shaped
island out in the middle of the North Sea Ocean, and that's
 too far to drive over to Mumzie's for breakfast in the morning.

Excuse me, I gotta go.

I think I smell waffles cooking.

"No berries for the PolyBear, Mumzie."

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