Saturday, August 18, 2012

Ask ZeroBear

It's hard to fool you guys.


I got an e-mail 

from George this week.

Yes, I think he looks a lot like that other
scientist guy, too, but this guy's name is George.
He works for NASA and has asked
that I not use his last name, which is Simmons, so
I won't tell you guys that, to help protect his privacy
because he does a lot of top secret stuff, like
package the Tang for the Astronauts
on the Space Station.

Anyhow George wrote the following e-mail:

Hea Bro PolyBear,

You might fool the other guys,
but I know where you are
and I know what you're doing.

You're in Toledo

at the Funnel Cake Convention aren't you?

George, from NASA"


Yep, George, you found me out.

Here is a photo for your scrapbook.

No wait. Thats a piece of lint
I found under Da's chair
a while back. Anyone know how to
erase a photo from a Blog Page?

Oh forget it. Just ignore the lint.


This is the one for you. And by the way you are correct.
I contracted with NASA to go to "Toledo" with their new
experimental taxi

and scout out the best path for it to go each day.

They don't want it to fall into a pothole or anything.

Bring it over this way, guys!

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