Saturday, August 4, 2012

Swimming with Phelps and the guys

It has been a long day of watching the 2012 Olympics.

What a great show

I can't imagine why Da didn't get us some tickets
to London and ringside seats for the events.

At least he lets me sit close to the TV, so I
have a pretty good view.

I do have one question about swimming,

How the heck do they keep
the water out of their nose?

I hate it when I get water up my nose.

Maybe I should consider
trying out for the rowing team.

I could be that guy in the back that yells,

"Hea you up there in the third seat,

I could be good at that job and
it would be a great experience,

as long as nobody tried to throw me into the lake.

Because I'd get water in my nose for sure
if they did that to me.

Maybe I should try out for

Olympic boat racing.

Looks a lot safer to me.

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