Tuesday, August 21, 2012

Ask ZeroBear

Mr ZeroBear,

Sometimes I can't make up my mind.
Do you have problems
making up your mind?


Confused Doug, from Seattle


Dear West Coast Confuzzeled,

Do you have any idea how much like him you look?

but, you're not him?

You're certain? OK...

But you could have fooled me, and I'm hard to fool.

Anyhow, those of you who come by all the time
know that I'm trying to make up my mind
about getting a new place to call home.

There are lots of options.

So many that I am having trouble making up my mind.

Most of the time, I have no problems making a decision..

Like deciding what to eat?

Sweet choice

or maybe

or maybe


You know what?

I guess sometimes its not so easy to make up your mind.

Sort'a like this lady deciding which

purple flower to pick.

Go  on, you have my permission to be confused.
Perhaps even about who you really are

Now I'm confuzzeled, too.

(you really are him, aren't you?)

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