Wednesday, March 24, 2010

Things you Miss in Space
By: ZeroBear SpaceBear

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I'm not trying to put anyone down. They don't get much better than Uhura
(hubba hubba),
but sometimes a PolyBear Intergalactic SpaceGuy misses his lovely Mumzie, and that guy she's married to. I'm sure I must miss him, too, although as I recall there is not even a single Hubba to be associated with his name.

Why can't I remember that guy's name? I'm sure it will come to me later. Oh well, we'll just call him Mumzie's #2 favorite playmate, after a certain #1 PolyBear. 
Fact is, I miss lots of stuff from home.

Take TV for instance. They have terrible reception here in the Enterprise. You'd think a Warp 7 Starfleet craft would get more than 8 channels worth watching. Do you know they don't even have Animal Planet? Kirk says that he is trying to hold costs down and that most folks log in too much Boobtube time anyhow.

My interwebs broadband subscription costs alone would probablly pay for the Deluxe Includes Animal Channel Satellite Dish Package.

Sure would be nice to get Animal Planet up here, cause I really like that Unlimited Wild Lady Chipmunks Mud Wrasslin show that comes on Animal Planet Late night.
I'm rooting for the girl on the left. She looks a lot like Peaches.

Then there is the DIY Channel. You'd think Kirk would subscribe to that just as an educational offering. Where else can you get everything you ever wanted to know about how they make flashlights?
and Cat-a-pults?
I think that other thing has something to do with automatic hedge trimmers.

It goes without saying that without the history channel, we'd know almost nothing about the technical side of Slingshot design
and every StarFleet Officer should know how to make a slingshot.

Then, no one else may, but I miss my movies.
Have you seen this one? It's called Bonzo gets a 45. Wonderful plot.

Last week I got to thinking (it could happen) that space colors are nice and the whole place is exciting
But I miss my fireworks experiments:

Most of all I miss the basic necessities that no Bear should be forced to live without:
I give up a lot for this life of adventure.

Oh - Da - His name is Da. Now if I could only remember what he looks like.

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