Friday, March 26, 2010

How Do I Get Into These Things?
By: ZeroBear SeveralBears

I'm not sure there is any decent way to 'splain this but I'll give it a shot. I decided last night that it was time to go home.  Spock had gotten all moody and his bad attitude was unhealthy for crew moral. Oh yeah I was missing Mumzie, too and that guy who lives with her. Man why can't I remember his name? You guys know who I'm talking about don't you? Big old gray haired guy? Hairs in nose? Snores and then denies it? Grouchy before coffee in morning? Not a good sharer of birthday hats and neck scarfs?

Anyhoo, let me get on to more important stuff. I was goofing around in the transporter room, doing important late night transporter research

And as you know it's a long way from the control console to the transporter stage.

So I positioned myself on the stage and tossed a Diet Dr Pepper can over to the activate switch on the console thinking that I activate the thing without assistance, since it was pretty late at night and no one knew that I had pilfered the transporter room key from Scotty. Wait, I borrowed it. Pilfered has such an unsavory sound - I borrowed the key. How was I to know that unfortunate spillage of Diet Dr. Pepper shorted out the Transport Switch and here I am - 27 times. How was I to know that would happen. This is a Warp 12 StarFleet Craft and the transporter console shorts out with a little spilled Diet Dr. Pepper?

The problem is that all of these mees all feel like me. At least the thing shut off at 27 bears. This is a mess because Da -


anyhoo, Da will never spring for 27 TacoBell #4 combos and at the moment I have teleported all 27 of me into a TacoBell #4 combo frenzy. We is in such a frenzy that we can't agree on who will call and see if they will deliver to the house.

I gotta work this out somehow.


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