Friday, March 19, 2010

Missing Shiela
By: ZeroBear LonelyBear
Sadly, due to my involvement in the International Spacey Station program and subsequent transfer to the StarShip Enterprise, where I have become an irreplaceable member of the Star Fleet Crew, I missed The Pink Lady Chat Room Convention which was held last week in Las Vegas.

You may remember my intention to get cheap tickets to fly out and meet the lovely Miss Shiela.
Who I met on line a few months back. When I got transferred to the Enterprise and got a password to their interwebs linkup (Thank you Al Gore Intergalactic InterWebs Service Provider, LLC). I wandered into the chat room one night and discovered that in spite of my absence, the convention was still going full tilt.

The lovely Miss Shiela has provided lots of photos from the event, which I'll share with you. Apparantly everyone there had a lovely time.


Rumors were that Miss Paris would attend, but she begged regrets and did not show.
 Maybe next year.

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