Wednesday, March 17, 2010

St. Patty's Day in Space
By ZeroPattyBear PolyIrishBear

I'll say one thing about starfleet folks. 
The NCC-1701 USS Enterprise
 crew certainly knows how to celebrate Green Irish People Day.
Right away this morning I noticed something was different, when Scotty came out of the JohnnyPot room wearing green skivvies (we are roomies, an arrangement which was a mistake cause he snores big time). Then we ran into Spock, who had died his pointy ears green (Green Vulcan ears - What a hoot). That guy above is Shamas O'Spock, his great great great great great granddaddy - back when Vulcans was shorter, chunkier, wealthier and fond of green pointy toe'd chucka-buckle-boots.

After picking on Spock about the shade of green he selected, we went down to the officers' canteen for breakfast (The most important meal of the day, other than late night Pronto Pups and Tater Tots snackytime). Surprise! They had green chocolate milk (gross)
and deluxe green waffles (really yummy with hand scooped bovineclabber from Oxmas Orango in the Orian Belt, Sweet WhuffyFluff, ZingleFruit and BurpleBerries - from Proximas Centas in the Zuppa Star System and green Miz Butterworths, from Peoria, IL). They tell me the garnish sprig of FlippleLeaf on top of the ZingleFruit is nice, but I stay away from veggies if at all possible. I usually just move them around the plate as I'm eating and then send them down the waste disposal unit by the dish line when I'm finished.
While we were eating breakfast, Captain Kirk came in with Uhura. Old Kirkseypoo was unusually happy this morning. He had on a green polyshirt and was singing "Irish eyes are shining" (a little off key). Uhura walked over and gave me a big pinch on the keester, with the excuse that I had no green stuff on. I tried to pinch her back, but she said no. She apparantly was covered because she had a shamrock stapled to her unitop. She started to pinch Scotty, but he dropped his trousers and showed her his green skivvies
then asked what color her's were. Uhura offered to show him and Scotty turned red and said "no thanks". Everybody got a chuckle out of that. I should be OK now. After they explained it to me I went to the gift shop and bought me a new hat just for today. Spock says its all very logical, but honestly it feels a little wierd to me. However, I'm just a little PolyBear trying to fit in until they makes me their chief rule maker and then....
If I understood right, we're all going to beam down somewhere later on today and as near as I can tell, we'll all kiss a big purple rock. Uhura said she'd be happy to hold my legs while I leaned backwards and kissed the Barney Stone.

According to her, it's some kind of tradition. I think she just wants to get her hands on my yellow leg.

Anyhoo, Happy St. Patty's Day from a little white PolyBear in a big green hat!

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