Thursday, March 11, 2010

Really Wierd Stuff HAppens in SPace!
by Ace AstroBear PolyNaught ZeroBear

No sorry. the photo (above) was an oopsie and part of another post about wierd spacey stuff. Here (below) is the proper lead-in photo.
We were cruising along on autopilot overdrive watching an old Jetson's episode on Good Morning Spacey Station earlier today, zinging along at about 27724 Kilometers per hour, (give or take) when we saw the dangdest thing out there headed right toward us. I whooped out my trusty blackberry phone camera and took a photo for you guys.
Commander Jim quickly called us all together and in a very scientific (Spacey Station) manner asked, "Wha Tha Heack is ThaaaaaaaT?" Well, everyone had their opinion, but I nailed it right smack on the noggin when I responded, "That looks like a Farnsworth-Berkley-Beckem Model 12 Time Spacey Continuum to me." Don't tell me you can't learn things from random InterWebs browsing. I is proof of excellence in browsing information retention. Don't get me started on that moon landing was a hoax and didn't really happen thingie. I plans on visiting Wright Patterson AFB to drop by Hanger 12 and have my photo taken on the fake moon set right after I make it back home, but like I said, don't get me started.

Anyhoo, Commander Jim quickly Googled "FBBM12TSC" and ZABBA DABBA I was the only one who got a gold star by my name on the  "Who's serving on the Spacey Station this week?" board. They did give Astronaught Dan a green star for his "Swirley Blue Whirley Spacey Thingie" answer, but green stars is common as Blue Jays. I could get a green star before breakfast if I was interested in such sophomoric friviloty.

Anyhoo, the thing quickly enveloped us and it got all dicey for a few minutes. Everyone on board (except for your's truly) had assumed their assigned stations and was singing SATB harmony into their respective Urp Bags, but not me. I was watching that sucker out the window, uttering a knowledgable "UhOh" when what to my wondering eyes should appear? (no - not a mineature sleigh with eight tiny reindeer - jees!) - This thing was in there with us:
Noooooo! This dang puter keeps messing up. My guess is that it's probably not ISO:37645 certified for Time Spacey Comtinuum operation. This is what had got sucked in there before we arrived and was floating out there so close you could hit it with a rock:
Yep - the old Star Ship Interprize!

Anyhoo. About ten minutes ago - SPT (Standard Spacey Time) I radioed over a little "Take me to your leader" message and this Intersteller Beam me over Scotty thing is about to suck me somewheres. I can Feel it. No honestly I really can, right down to my litessicals.

Put your hands on the puter screen and you will be able to feel it too, dear hearts!

This is exciting. Commander Jim is all upset that he was busy reading the book (See "my do it by the book" comments elsewhere in these spacey station posts to understand that little poke) and didn't get to be first in line to be teleported across a Time Spacey Contimuum to The original Star Trek Ship.

I hope they has a Pronto Pups Stand on board, cause even though we had a wonderful breakfast of reconstituted rotten egg powder, 3 freeze dried prunes per Spacey Station Worker and a glass of dehydrated water, I could use a Pronto Pup and a diet Dr. Pepper.

More later...

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