Wednesday, March 3, 2010

Spacey Station Food
by ZeroBear from Spacey Station #1
Is really bad. You know, I may not have expressed myself properly, so let me try again.

It's really-really bad. It's awfully bad with a capital LOUSEY.

What with the bad food and that unfortunate 36 hour time out (a tad excessive I think, but evidently I am not allowed to help decide what the rules regarding PolyBears here will be), I was about ready to find the switch that puts this go cart into reentry mode and fly the station back home myself and then things suddenly seemed to turn around.

The number one good thing that happened is that Commander Jim finally let me out of time out (Thank you thank you THANKYOU). And then I found out that my dark cloud has a lining of guess what?
Yes! Those are FISH STICKS! My cloud is lined with fish sticks!

Shortly after I got released from time out, I was assigned KP and sent to the food locker to peel taters or something and what did I find? You gots it. Tucked down in the back of the freezer was a big box with the words printed on the outside that makes any little PolyBear's heart go thumpa thumpa ching ching.
Yes! They has about a gillion bozillion or twenty cases of my favorite crunchy 100% whole Fillets Fish Sticks back there in the freezer! And what is most best of all is no one else here likes fish sticks! Can you imagine that? Evidently they were shipped up for some Canadian Walrus or Killer Whale who came up to run that Canada robot arm thing  
and he left without eating them.

And he left a gillion cases? Let's see 20 cases times 12 boxes per case times 44 sticks per box? I could stay here forever!

I do wish I had some Tartar sauce. Has anyone got a bottle of Tartar sauce?

I wonder if there is any boxes of Pronto Pups mix hiding under that freeze dried junk in Commander Jim's secret stash. I could use a
Zero candy bar, too. I bet he's holding back on us lower ranking crew members.

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