Wednesday, March 31, 2010

It's Spring!
By: ZeroBear

It's finally here. The air is clean and warm. The flowers are blooming. The dogwoods are coming out

The bluebirds are doing their thing.

And the bees are flying from flower to flower, pollinating away as they sip the sweet nectar of spring.

I'm sure you all know that at this time every year, the thoughts of most-all able bodied PolyBears turn in one direction. In fact they can get obsessed with it above all other thoughts.

Yes you are correct. Most PolyBears think of hardly anything other than:


Yes, waffles. Pure golden brown luscious Waffles! We like them buttered and syruped.

We crave them, berried



Even a little wierd (sometimes maybe on Saturday with Da some chocolate milk and a good cartoon on the Tube).

But I have grown past all of that. No more will I be driven by primative lusts for embossed baked batter carbohydrates. I am now a famous PolyNaught AstroBear of wide intergalactic fame and I will not be grouped with more common Polybearus americansus bears. I have been to the final frontier, the edge of the unknown. I have looked Spock in the face and said Pflibbit!

I will no longer abase myself with mear common thoughts of waffle. My thoughts and desires are on a higher plain.

I wants me some

A Diet Dr. Pepper would be tasty, too. I wonder if Mumzie's spare car keys are hanging in the laundry room and if that Funnel Cake stand is still down at the Fiargrounds?

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