Friday, March 5, 2010

Sometimes it's Nice to Get Out of the House!
by AstroBear PolyNaught ZeroBear
This place is worse than Mumzie and Da's house. Something is always broken. If I was them I'd hire me some Joe the Handyman to come by every few days to help keep things in repair, but they insist on doing all the paint-up fix-up themselves.
Today was Friday fix-up day and Commander Jim had a list of projects a mile long, or as he likes to say "a list of projects 1.609344 kilometers long". Ha! that's a space joke, Don't tell me I can't make a bunch of plastic pocket protector flight controller guys down in Hooston laugh! I'm such a space-hoot. Take my wife, please.
So the guys started early and worked till late today. I think they get paid by the job and not by the hour, because it was work, work work all day long, tightening bolts here and adjusting springs there, with not even a 30 minute break when Oprah or Judge Judy came on. I could have completed everything in thirty minutes if they would let me use good oul duck tape, but they prefer that "do it by the book stuff". I guess they never read that non-fiction classic Men are From Duck Tape, Women are From Hot Melt. That's Astronaught Dan out there working on the solar panels. He is apretty good worker, but not really very observant because he failed to notice me goofing off in the air lock when he went outside this morning.
I had been hitching a ride on his back for most of the morning, just chilling out (at about minus 275 in the shade), which is chilly even for a PolyBear.

Imagine how surprized he was when he thought he was outside all by himself and I floated around the corner.
I guess it caused quite a stir in the spacey station when they saw me out there. The most PolyBear Scout honest thing I can say is that they never actually said I couldn't go outside. They only thing Commander Jim ever said that I can remember was that I had to quit trying to open the door while we were all inside and no one was looking. Oh yeh, he also said, "Flush it after each use - Dang it to heck!" I always thoughtit was better to let it mellow if its yellow and flush it down if its brown. I guess they have different rules up here where it will float out and away if you don't flush.
Anyhoo, we had lots of fun outside, except when my hat floated away. It took astronaught Dan a while to teather up, go out and fetch it back. I was happy that he was willing to go get it for me. When he finally caught up to it, it was well on it's way to Saturn, or Pluto, or somewheres out there. Losing it would have been horrible, because it's my favorite hat, keeps my ears warm and Mumzie worked really hard knitting it for me for Da's Birthday.

I did reward Astronaught Dan for his trouble. I gave him half of a crunchy fish stick to go with his dinner. He wanted some of my tatertots, too, but I said no, maybe next time.

Amazing what you can accomplish with a bite of fish stick and seemingly realistic promises of delayed tatertot gratification.

How? Oh, I can hold my breath a really really long time. PolyBears can do that - yeh we can. EazyPeazy eat grilled cheezy, Sally's sneezy, fried shrimp's greasy.

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