Friday, March 12, 2010

Oh Nose!

Why do these things always happen? Once again (brace yourself), Friday the 13th is about to sneak onto the calendar on a Saturday! The problem is, up here in space I has no idea which day is Friday and which day is Saturday. In a counter rotational orbit, the dang day changes every 90 minutes or so. Considering all of that, I expects terrible horrible scarey things to happen. I haven't seen them yet, but I expects there must be Space Boogers here on the Starship Enterprise like crazy.

What was that!
Oh sorry, the AC cut on.

Anyhoo, I am hid away in a top secret hidey place that will remain umentioned, (safely socked away among a certain Com officer's socks and jammypants.)

Unless the space boogers finds this private place,
 all should be well. Until Friday the 13th coming on a Saturday has passed, it will be every PolyBear for himself. Should anyone be in the neighborhood of a certain Com Officer's sleeping quarters with a spare slice of Pepperoni and Sausage Pizza. It might be nice if you poked it through the drawer opening of her bottom right side drawer. A Diet Dr Pepper would be nice, too.

Obviously a certain little PolyBear will be out of touch until Sunday the much safer 14th. May the force be with me. Oh, you too.
Why didn't I pick up a ray gun before I came in here?

What was that!

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