Saturday, December 17, 2011

10 Days Until Christmas - Scary Guys

This guy scares a little PolyBear


Number 1 he is bad Ugly

He makes Da in the morning look good.

And Da won a prize for Scary Old Dude
of The Year last year from ASODA
(American Scary Old Dude Association)
I entered him in the contest by paying the $50.00 entry fee 
with Mumzie's Pay Pal Account and he won
this lovely thermoformed plastic trophy
that was only $39.95 extra
(shipping not included).

This Grinch guy does the best Da in the morning
impression I has ever seen

Anyhow he isn't scary because of how Da-ugly he is.
He is scary because
he tried to steal Christmas.


made little kids cry

He was aided in his dastardly effort by an evil

Demon Dog


The story had a happy ending

And the Grinch got his own reality series role on Seseme Avenue

Word is he is in the running to replace Letterman if he ever retires.

Sorry Craig.

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