Tuesday, December 6, 2011

19 Days - The North Pole

As I understand, the big Guy

Is not from New Jersey as everyone thought

He lives at the North Pole

But you know me.

Ever the one to ask questions

(like how long until Dinner, Mumzie?)

I asked Da where the north pole was.

He said I should go ask Mr Google
and give him five minutes peace,
so he could finish his newspaper.

anyhow, Mr. Google

Was no help at all

By the way, there are lots of cans in Canada, but
Greenland is not green at all. I has been there and it ain't green.
If you can put the picture of a vast, never ending ice cube in your mind,
you are pretty close to "Green-Land"

Anyhoo, to help find out, I have dispatched a team of
crack Polar Bear explorers to help find the north pole,
where I understand Santa lives.

That's Doug. he is a polar bear
(not to be confused with a PolyBear).
He says it ain't in that direction.

I asked the good old US Navy to help
and they dispatched a big black boat right up there
to see if they could get an answer for me.

Doug and his buddies heard there was Seals aboard
and they thought they might get a snack,
but they couldn't figure out how to get that can
of Navy stuff open.

I dispatched a flight crew to Mr. Google's place on the map.
They flew over several times and found nothing but ice cubes.

Then totally by assident, A cruise ship
The SS Minnow, got a little off from their
intended three hour cruise course, and stumbled on
the place I has been attempting to locate.

They took a photo for us.

Unfortunately, Crew member Gilligan dropped the Skipper's

map overboard and they can't get me back to the place.
As I understand, there is a scientist on board who is attempting
to replot the course and get us back.

Good luck Professor. MAybe someone will do a show
about your adventure on TV if you are successful.

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