Tuesday, December 13, 2011

12 Days Left - Christmas TV Specials

Da insisted we watch some old TV movie last night
He said it was special.
I thought that meant it would be like a
Sponge Bob marithon

Patrick is a real hoot. 
I could watch him for hours.

But Da wanted to watch some hunting show.

I never quite figured it out

There was this kid

and he wanted his very own Pig Shooter

Even though he was obviously too young.

I was like 17 or 18
before I managed to get mine and
I am very responsible.

That's a Roomington 12 Gauge Custom Stock Pig Blaster.
Nifty Ain't it! 

You gotta be responsible to own one of these babies!

Stick'em up! 


oops ....


The kid's mumzie said she didn't want him to have a Red Ryder BB Gun 
cause she said he'd shoot out his eye with it.

How could anyone shoot out their eye?


I guess I remember that happening to a certain PolyBear

It was an assident.

But the kid in the movie
didn't really shoot out his eye,
He was protected by his glasses
and I think it actually hit him on the cheek.

I was in the kitchen getting hot chocolate
when that scene happened,
but I'm pretty sure
that he missed his eyeball.

If you have seen the movie, you know some 
really wierd stuff happened.

Involving electrical appliances


Strange little brothers.

In conclusion, I forgot to mention

It was a Christmas Movie

Sometimes Da is hard to figure out.

But Mumzie loves him.

I think.

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