Friday, December 23, 2011

Apparently the Big Guy is getting ready

NASA diverted one of their "eye in the sky" Spy
Satellites over the North Pole today and picked up this image.

Yep that is exactly what you think it is.

The sleigh appears to be all loaded
and the reindeer team seems to be all hitched up and ready.

Good job of winter camouflage
on the big guy's headquarters. If you look closely,
you'll notice the outline of the main building is  
dimly indicated to the right of the sleigh
in this High-Res aerial photo.

Although you can barely make out the shape of the buildings,
there is no mistaking that red sleigh and those reindeer.

Looks like they have a good shot
for a smooth takeoff toward the top of this photo.

Old Santa should have no problems
getting the rig into the air as long as the weather holds.

Wonder if he has anything loaded in his magic bag
for a certain PolyBear who has tried as hard
as he can to be good for at least a week now.

I didn't know he kept a Naughty/Nice
list and evidently checks it multiple times.

How could no one have told me that?

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