Saturday, December 3, 2011

22 Days - I can't wait!

!!!! NEWS FLASH !!!!

We has trees in the house.

And Da says it's OK!

Go figure ...

All decorated and ready for presents

However, Da says that we owes it to our history of house fires
(all accidents I swears)
to spend a moment talking about fire safety
during the holiday season,


I guess we needs to start with a little discussion
of Christmas Tree History.

Wait, we don't need to go that far back

This point in Christmas Tree History is just fine.
As I understand, there was a time when the lights for trees
was limited to candles.

Evidently this was back in the days when people had no idea
that if you forgot to pay the electric bill that they would turn your lights off.


Da says it was in the time before there was electricity.

I think he is pulling a poor little PolyBear's leg

Because I googled it and went to wicked-peodeia could not find
any reference in either one of them know-it-all websites about 
kerosene microwave popcorn so I has my doubts.

But anyhow, according to Da, back in those days they only lit up the tree for one night.

cause they didn't want to burn up all their candles,


their tree.

I have no idea why Da is so worried.

Some of my best buddies is Firemen.

Who has been to our house lots of times.

Anyhow, Mumzie says there can be no candles on our tree,
regardless of what a PolyBear might want.


how many brave firefighters he knows.

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