Saturday, December 17, 2011

9 days - Christmas Tree Cookies

This little PolyBear has green fur on his face tonight


Mumzie made iced Christmas tree sugar cookies
and I snitched a couple

They is



Other peoples makes them, too

These comes from the bakery.
They looks like they was machine made.

Fancy, Huh?


Da has a favorite tree snack.

He says that it isn't Christmas until
he has eaten about a hundred of these.

He says that a little girl named
Debbie makes them

He buys them at the Hoggley Woggley Store.

He gets them three or four box fulls at a time
cause he says the future is uncertain
and you shouldn't put off eating a
Christmas Tree Cookie until tomorrow
that you can eat today.

Mumzie doesn't seem to care that
he likes them better than the ones she makes.

Neither do I

Leaves more of her cookies for me.

Anybody know how to get green icing out of white fur?

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