Tuesday, December 20, 2011

5 Days Left - Legend of The Dancing Trees

Once upon a time, Christmas trees stood in silence
while their owners admired their beauty.

and as soon as, let's use the names 
"Mumzie and Da"
as general representations
of the people in this tale, went to bed,
the trees would begin their
nightly dance of Christmas Joy.

The people never knew about the dance.
They only saw the still silence of the trees

In fact they noticed nothing
other than a tree just staning there
but regardless, the trees continued their
nightly dance each night
after the lights were turned out.

OK Da, just because you can't see them,
doesn't indicate that I am wrong in any way.

By the way, I sold this story to National Enquirer
and they have a photographer coming by tomorrow.
They promised page one with
a five color photo of a certain polybear. 

I am still in negotiations with "Ghost Whisperers"
on the Discovery Channel and "13 Christmas Ghost Stories" on TLC.

If my Nelsons are high enough, Food Network
has promised a six episode waffle throwdown 
between me and that Bobby Flavor guy. 

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