Thursday, December 8, 2011

17 Days until - Candy Canes!

That's not entirely true
because a certain little PolyBear
couldn't wait another 17 days.
He already has some red stains
on the fur around his mouth.

Can't see them? Good - Maybe Da won't notice
and figure out why so many of his soft candy canes is missing
from the back of the top right hand drawer of my chest.

I must have eaten about a hundred of them last night
after I found where he had them hidden.

Peaches and Herb shared one, too
so I'm not entirely to blame.


Candy canes are a really nice part of Christmas.

And I like them in just about anything

Mumzie's Special make it once a year
Candy Cane Cake

Cookies (may I have another, please)

Icey Cream (freezes my tonsils if I eats it too fast)

Hot Chocolate (thaws them right away)

Da says his Da used to get it like this for him
when he was a little boy. I have never seen it this way
cause I is often a misstreated PolyBear.

I can't imagine a way I wouldn't like Peppermint


Scratch that

I guess even a good thing can get pushed too far.

Sorry Aunt Lucy. It just isn't your look.

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