Tuesday, December 27, 2011

Da Says We Are Getting Close

I asked if he meant

Close to all you can eat Catfish Night
at Fishy Jack's Catfish Camp out on the by-pass,
cause I could eat me some catfish.

Sadly, he said no, that we were getting close to the

He is really excited about Friday night, when the Good Old

Mississippi State Bulldogs (woof woof) take on the

Wake Forest Deacons

I asked Da what was a Deacon
and He said it was complicated.
As near as I can understand
it has something to do with waiting on tables
at the covered dish supper to make sure
all of the widows get fed before the choir
hits the serving line and takes 
all of the good fried chicken pieces.

Anyhow, our Coach,

Dan Mullen (yea!)
has his whistle ready to take on
Wake Forest's coach

Jim Grobe (Boo!)
who evidently attempts to coach without a whistle.

(Whistleless Jim?)

As I understand, the players from both teams
are having a swell time in Nashville.
Most likely they are eating every meal 
at local, all you can eat Waffle, Funnel Cake,
Tater Tot and Fish Stick Buffets 
if they are smart.

We stopped at a Waffle house in Nashville once

and it was great!

IMO, if they let me pick,
that's where the team would go every night,
because on Thursdays some of them
have an "All the waffles you can eat special".

And there's not much any better than Waffle House waffles.

Except Mumzie's because she is the best waffle maker in the world.

Did you know she always serves Chocolate Milk with her waffles?
And all the syrup you want, even if you have some 
left on your plate when all the waffles are gone?

I seem to have gotten off track. 

More later - I think it's getting close to lunch time.
I gotta go see what Mumzie is whipping up for a certain

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