Sunday, December 18, 2011

7 days left - Charlie Brown

Da says it isn't Christmas until he has seen Charlie Brown

Uh, he doesn't mean seeing him on the street,
you know?

He means seeing his Christmas Special.

What was the name of that Special?

Oh Yeh

A Charlie Brown Christmas

Staring Charlie Brown!

Here is the plot, in case you are
the only person on planet Earth and
the 6 known inhabited star systems
who has never seen it.

You see, in the movie, it is Christmas
and Charlie goes out to buy a tree

He winds up with a kind'a sad little tree
I think he may have known that no one else wanted it.

His friends all had other stuff on their minds 
and that made Charlie sad

He sought out Psychiatric help
and all he accomplished there
was learning that he was a blockhead.

Then his best bud, Linus explained all of it
when he told the story about a baby born in a manger
on Christmas Eve Night.

Charlie learned it was about more than trees

In fact, everyone learned

Even SnoopyDog

I learned too.

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