Saturday, December 31, 2011

New Year's Resolutions

Some socilogists say they are healthy and others
who study the quirks and foibles of humanty
are inclined to state that we sould not fool with them.

So, what do you think?

As for this little PolyBear, I plan on making some.

So, for better or worse,
Let's go!

Resolution #1

I will be nicer to FluffyKitty
who seems to have some issues with trust lately
since that little incident with the electrical outlet.

Resolution #2

I will work in whatever way I can to achieve world peace

I'm thinking of inviting both sides over for Mumzie's pancakes

Cause it's hard to be angry with a big mouthfull of pancakes.

Maybe they will recognize my work by awarding me
the 2012 Nobel Peace Prize (sponsored this coming year by IHoP)

Resolution #3

Reach out to foreigners.
This is our recently moved into the neighborhood neighbor
Dr. Xing, who just showed up one night and lives down the street
I'll start with him, and if it works I'll move on to

His wife Edna,
who honestly scares the BeeGeebees out of me.

Resolution #4
Loose some weight.

Cause I has noticed a little bulge here and there

And since after the last time Mumzie washed my sweater
it seems a little snug.
Peaches and Herb say they will help me,
by backing up the zero adjustment on the scales
each morning before Da does my weigh-in. 

And lastly
cause it's possible to make too many
resolutions and by spreading yourself too thin
set yourself up for failure.

Resolution #5

Eat More FunnelCake!

Come on 2012.
I is ready!

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