Saturday, July 14, 2012

So what was the damage?

As you can see

I made it unscathed.


I am an expert at this survival stuff.

So how did the world do with Friday the 13th?

I spent most of the early hours this morning

in research and here is what I discovered

Some folks had a pretty bad day
that I'm sure they would rather forget.

Why you'd do some things
on Friday the 13th I can't imagine.


Why you'd try a new look
on Friday the 13th

is beyond me.

as a matter of fact I would never,
never, never suggest trying anything

new on Friday the 13th

As usual, it was
a day of disaster

for many folks.


So now it's Friday the 14th.

uh Saturday the 14th.

Which I proclaim to be the International Day

of Waffles

as soon as Mumzie gets up and asks
what I want for breakfast.

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