Wednesday, July 18, 2012

Ever Get All Excited & Then Suffer a Massive Let-Down?

Well, it happened to me this afternoon

Mumzie was standing at the window looking
out into the back yard, and I was daydreaming

about health food.

Suddenly she got excited and said,

"Look at the blackbirds!"

I ran over to the window and boy was I disappointed.

This is what got her all excited.

I thought she meant

these Blackbirds.

Later on, I was complaining to Da and he said
they don't fly them anymore.

Anyone know where you can pick one up war surplus?

I called the local

Army/Nave Store and they don't have any in stock.

Anyone have any contacts
at Davis Mountain Air Force Base
in Tucson, AZ?

I bet with a little help, we could sneak in one night
and fly a Blackbird out.

If we could get over the fence and get it cranked
I'm certain I could fly it out. Once I got it rolling
down the runway, I can't imagine anyone stopping me.

It would look swell parked out in the back yard.

If we could keep the dang black birds off of it.

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