Wednesday, July 25, 2012


I have found a new artsey hobby down at the community
center night art classes. I'm really good at it.

It's called

Origami which is Japanese for folded paper artsey stuff.
The dragon was done by an up and coming, but not as
good as me paper folder in the class I am taking.

Here is a unicorn done by another student in my class.
I told her it was OK so her feelings wouldn't be hurt.

Another student did this Yoda. Again a good attempt

with lots of work, these guys may make it yet.


Are you ready to see the work of a true master?

This one is called "flatness of paper".
Yeah I know... Hold your applause please cause
there's more coming.

Last week, in a surge of design genius

I did this one.

yes it is 100% genuine folded paper
(accept no substitutes)


Yeah I know, you can barely
contain your excitement with this
avant garde experimental piece...

at times, I shock even myself.

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