Thursday, July 12, 2012

Friday the 13th Survival Kit

You're going to need a few things if you 
expect to survive tomorrow.

I'll try not to burden you down with a lot of
frivolous unnecessary stuff, so let's take a moment
to make a list of the basic stuff you'll to get
before midnight.

Maintenance of proper fluid levels is important.
I recommend a 12 pack.

Proper energy is important. These survival bars will help
keep your energy reserves at the proper high octane level.
Most health food stores (like the gas station) stock a good
assortment of these calorie supplementation bars.

As an unlicensed health professional, I recommend cream filled
red coated cake, rolled in coconut
(AKA Raspberry Zingers).
These things are like
full of vitamins (really).

I don't recommend taking a cat with you when you
hide away, but FluffyKitty likes this stuff.

I'm more of a fishsticks and tatertots kin'da guy myself.
Hopefully for dinner tonight because they are not so
good after they get cold.

These basic items should get you through.

Oh take a flashlight, cause some hiding places
can get kin'da dark and sometimes you guys
get scared of the dark.

not me....

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