Saturday, July 7, 2012

Yellow Jersey

Have you guys been following the

Tour de France bike race?

I think they did stage 7 today.

I wish I had known about the race earlier because
I would have gone over to France and entered.

I have a bike and figure I could beat all those guys
who seem intent on peddling up and down the mountains

when they aren't busy running into each other.

Ouch! Thats gonna leave a bobo.

The Yellow Jersey.

Did you know that the winner of each day's race,
which they call a stage, gets his very own

Yellow Jersey to wear until someone else beats
him, most likely the very next day.

I think its yellow so you can
pick it out of the crowd.

I'm not so sure that winning
the yellow jersey
is such a big deal.

I found this one on e-bay for $3.79.

Sadly, it's a medium and I wear a Trip-X-Small.

If I could have entered my 34 BMW, they
would have had to special order my yellow shirt
cause nobody peddling a bike would have come
close to keeping up with me on my motorbike.

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