Friday, July 6, 2012

30,000th visitor recogition

Some lucky visitor to the blogsite
will score big in the next few hours.

That's right ZeroBearPolyBear Blogsite fans
You could be the 30,000th visitor to the blog

As such, you will be eligible for
one of the following prizes,
carefully selected for you
by ZeroBear PolyBear himself.

Perhaps you will win this swell 87 foot yacht, complete
with twelve man crew

maybe you'll win an all expenses charged to your
credit card around the world trip for you and
16 of your very best friends on this
hand colored jet, with

Vinnie Barbarino at the controls.


Quite possibly you might win this really fast
Ferrari Testosterone Sports car.

Or maybe this really nice stick,
or a stick of similar size and construction carefully
selected for you by ZeroBear PolyBear himself.

So how do you collect your wining prize?


If you are visitor #30,000 take a screen print
of your visitor number or hand copy the number
onto a piece of paper and send a photo of it along with
$645,638,972.28 to cover shippng and handling to
the website e-mail address:

and right away we will get the approval process going 
to have your check deposited in our Caymen Island 
unmarked bank account. As soon as the check
clears we will begin selecting your stick from our
select storage cash of collector grade sticks out in Da's
burn pile or one of the other prizes if ZeroBear decides you
are not a stick kin'da guy.

Man I wish I was as lucky as you!

In the event there are too many winners to appropraitely
award prizes, a rock might be substituted for the stick,
should that be the prize you win.

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