Friday, May 11, 2012

Ask ZeroBear

I got an e-mail the other day -
thank you Emmy English Teacher.

Ms. Teacher noted in her e-mail that my spelling
seems to have improved over the past year and she
wondered why.

Easy - The remedy is called Spell Check and when
I remember I turn it on. The results are amazing!

Did you know that. our good friend Mr. Bill Gates

Had some

really smart guys who work for him develop an Ap

(That's techno-babble for application)

that checks your spelling and corrects it in the rare occassions
when your paws get ahead of your brain!

Yes - it really does!

Let me demonstrate.

Example of the ZeroBear Blog with spell check turned on.

Ensri of jZebrolBeud Bldhgfs  WHGX Spfdh cshd i taic ofg.

It works like a charm (most of teh time)

Thank you for your thoughtful and observant
question Ms. English Teacher

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