Saturday, May 26, 2012

Have You missed me?

I am taking Mumzie and what's his name



Oh yeh


His name is Da.


I'm taking Mumzie and Da on a great adventure.

I plan on driving them all the way up to Pennsylvania!

Here are some highlights for you.

Thursday (5/24/12) 3:24 am - pre-departure

I couldn't sleep at all last night, so I'm a little fuzzy headed.
Da agreed to drive the first leg.
Hopefully he will do OK.

3:30 am
On The Road!
It's really dark out there. I hope Da doesn't run over
a booger or a ghost. Just keep her between the lines, Da.
And you'll do fine... (I hope)

3:35 am
I'm a little worried.  As slow as Da is going
we'll never get there. I think It is about a million
thousand miles to Pittsburgh.

3:40 am

What was that? I think Da ran over a cow in the dark.
Hard to take photos if he insists on running over every cow
we encounter.

5:20 am
I must have dozed off a little. At least the sky
has a little light in it now.


What's that?

Ya know what?

I believe it is!

Hoo Nelley!

This trip has potential!

(To be continued -
We has a PolyBear tummy to fill) 

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