Saturday, May 12, 2012

I'm starting a business

and you guys can be my first customers!

How lucky can you get?

You ask, what kind of businesss, Mr. ZeroBear?

The name explains it all.
ZeroBear PolyBear's

Cat In A Sack

Catchy, Huh?

The cat in our Logo Photo is George.
You can buy him today for only $55,673,438.27.

This is FluffyKitty In A Sack
He is not for sale. He just wanted to get his photo
on today's blog and I said OK, whatever.

This guy's name is George also. He is not very
colorful, but for a limited time you can buy him for

This cute young Cat in A Sack is named George.
He can be purchased today for only

This special Cat In A Sack is named George.
You can take him home for only
$55,673,438.30 but only if you act
really quick.

For you do it yourselfers, we have a do it yourself
Cat In A Sack Kit.

It comes with this swell sack

and this cat who's name is George.
The complete kit can be yours for only

Can't decide?

How about a big big sack

and a

big Sack sized Cat named George?

only $55,673,438.34

this week only.

We reserve the right to substitute a sack of
similar design and whatever cat we can find
should we be out of your cat and/or sack.

Returns subject to $55,673,438.38
restocking fee.

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