Wednesday, May 16, 2012

I'm a happy PolyBear


Mumzie was just sleeping late
and those O shaped Cornflakes
were just leftovers from Da's breakfast

Eventually Mumzie got up, actually only
just after I turned the TV up really loud
and right away, she made waffles!

The Nanners were a nice extra. I fed them to
FluffyKitty when Mumzie wasn't looking.

Now I sing the Waffle Song in joyous celebration.

"Oh Waffles time Oh Waffles time
we miss you when Mumzie sleeps late.

Oh Waffles time Oh Waffles time
Without Nanners you taste great.

You're a brown and crusty toasted treat
With syrup and butter really neat.

Oh Waffles Time Oh Waffles time
We celebrate Mumzie's waffles time."

Wonder where my Chocolate milk is?

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