Wednesday, May 23, 2012

It has happened again!

Do you remember a week or two back?

Yeh, I know.
Sometimes I can't remember yesterday either.


A week or two back I warned you guys about

trees eating folks.
You'll notice the guy riding this bike
has been totally consumed by the demon tree.

There is not even a tennis shoe string remaining.

Now we have discovered even more evidence that
you are in great danger when you get too close
to a hungry sycamore.

Just look at this!


Womens, childrens and scaredycat men
(you know who you are)
should consider not looking at the following
really frightening photo.

!!! You have been warned !!!

Yesterday, park rangers in Beesonburg, IN
discovered the remains of an elderly couple
who had stopped during their afternoon walk for a
brief rest and then realized too late that they were
about to become a tasty snack for a Sycamore with a
hankering to chomp down on a couple of
slow moving retirees.

As you can see, there was very little left for the
undertakers to carry away.

No charges have been filed against the tree.
Evidently is is not against the law in Indiana for a
Sycamore to eat slow moving retirees.

Be very very careful out there.
I have been told the forest is full of trees.

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