Saturday, May 5, 2012

Ask ZeroBear - Good and Not So?

Got an e-mail the other day asking,
"Mr. Zero Bear - what can we eat that's good?"

OK, I can answer that question.


Stay away from

Road Kill - Not so good

my preference?

Crusing down the road with Da to the Sonic.
There should have been TaterTots in that photo,
but they got eaten while the photographer was
focusing his shot.

Another No-No?

Yard clippings milkshake.
Yuck! - the cows can have it.

My drink of choice?

Hard to find, but worth the search
That's the 1,800 gallon size mug.

An OK substitute


(Mumzie helped me spell that)
say it's the most important meal of the day.

I think anything that's big time important deserves


an OK substitute preferred by
Miz Trin, Happy, Amber and TrailerHitch


I don't do recipes, so don't e-mail any requests for
Mumzie's secret recipe, but here is the very bestest
combination of cereal and marshmellows ever
discovered be a PolyBear.

Mumzie might share the recipe,
but I doubt it. This (figuring out how to make
these could be a suitable life goal for you folks
who stumble through life without goals.

Suitable substitute?

What it lacks in color is more than made up for in

You say you're a health food junky?

We have that covered.

The Razzleberry Zinger.
Vitamns R and Z!, sprinkled with vitamin

You're welcome.

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