Friday, June 8, 2012

You know NASA has money problems

The good old USofA has really accomplished
a lot in the space program over the years.

NASA has done a good job of pushing us beyond
to places never imagined a few hundred years back.

They got us to the moon

The shuttle has been spectacular

The space station - incredible!

You know

I served two tours on the Spacey Station.
Great times. I was the CPBOB
(Chief PolyBear On Board)

Sadly, NASA is now having money problems.

Congress and the President kind'a cut them off

It has gotten pretty bad, but they still have big plans.

They have announced there is no way they will ever
agree to drop the orbital
programs entirely.

Here is their latest program to have a shuttle
circumnavigate the planet.

What vision!

I think they plan on selling rides and everything.

Latest Developing news. We now have photos of their
newest space craft 

Silo-1 Ready for launch. As I understand this craft
is equipped to carry 6 astronauts or
28,000 bushels of corn

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