Thursday, June 14, 2012

Teaching an old dog a new trick

Actually, this post is about teaching an

Old Cat

a new trick.

Do you guys remember FluffyKitty?

He has been

around here for a long time.

Not as long as me, but long enough that I consider
him a lost cause.

Mostly, he just eats and sleeps. I'm not sure why
Mumzie keeps him around.

He has resisted all attempts at training.

Has anyone ever told you that you can lead a cat
to water, but you

can't bath him?

Well That is not the trick I taught FluffyKitty.

He already has

peculiar bathing habits. You would not believe the
places that cat is willing to lick. Mumzie said I shouldn't
show you guys, but believe me FluffyKitty is weird times 10.

However He can be trained.

If you have the right incentives.

So what did I teach the old cat to do?

I taught him to go from a sound asleep Kitty

To a

tree dwelling feline in 1.6 seconds.

Mumzie got a little upset with my training methods

But I have assured her that FluffyKitty will come down
when he gets hungry enough.

What conclusion can we come to about this?

It is possible to teach an old cat a new trick.

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