Saturday, June 9, 2012

ZeroBear Rents out the Blogsite

Tonight we feature the first of what I hope
are many short term rentals of the blogsite to help me

Pay off the swell set of wheels I have on layaway.

Yes our first Chump Customer to borrow the site
for their own short blog is the

ChongPho Chemical Company of
Chenzan China.

They want you to know that whenever you need
to restock your supply of 1,6 Bichloro 3 Floro Benzene or
2,4 diisocyanate, there is no better place to go than their
state of the art industrial site.

They want to assure you that for the very best
in glow in the dark, slightly radioactive,
metal dissolving compounds

Chongpo Chemical is your best choice.

Moving all purchases past US Customs
is the responsibility of the purchaser.

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