Thursday, June 14, 2012

Ask ZeroBear

Miz Sally, from Florida

Shown in this artist's rendering to protect her indentity
(I think she may be famous - probably a movie star.)
asks an interesting question that we will happily answer.

In a recent e-mail, she asks,

"Can you teach an old dog new tricks, ZeroBear?"

Evidently she has an elderly pooch that she needs to
get a bit role in her next movie for tax purposes
- supported by her insistence on not providing a photo,
only an insistence that I make her look like a movie star.

My answer follows:

This comes from my personal experience,

"You can't do this. You can't do that."

Some times Da just drives me crazy.

And so we will investigate that tired old saying,
"You can't teach an old PolyBear new tricks."


Can't teach an old dog?


Example 1

This is George.

No he is not a dog. He is a horse (Duh).

But he is old.

Can you teach an old horse new tricks?


Well think again.

Play dead, George...

Good Horse.

Not convinced?

George will happily do another trick for you.

Act like a waffle, George

Pretty good trick I think.

More on Sally's important question later.

I smell the smell of hot waffles coming from the kitchen.

Hope there is chocolate milk to wash them down with.

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