Saturday, June 9, 2012

ZeroBear has money problems

It's time to be truthful with you guys this morning

I'm having money problems.

Mumzie evidently changed her

PayPal account number.

I bet Da was using it too much.

Anyhow, the payment is coming due

on my wheels I ordered on

and they won't ship it until I bring the account up to date.

Sheeeeeeeeeesh, some people.

So, to raise money, I'm going to rent out a blog post.

send me your stuff, by e-mail
(the link is somewhere over there to the right)
and as quick as you can say,
"money making scam"

I'll have a first class blog post up on the website with
your stuff prominently displayed.

What are the charges Mr. ZeroBear?

This week only, we'll get you on the site for only

Act quickly. My bike payment is due on Monday and
Wheels Across America bike rally is coming up in July.

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