Tuesday, September 11, 2012

Life in a computerless world

Over the past few days. I have
experienced what Blog Life without a
computer would be like.
All 12 (14? 13?)of you who follow the blog
probably have experienced some of it, too.
Has contracted with SlowPoke Computer Repair
to have his machine put back in order. All they will say
is that it is "Very Sick".
How was I to know that clicking on
a website named
would cause any problems.
Oh well...
Did you know they have computers at the
public library.
They also have a sign that says
"PolyBear Use Not Permitted"
Evidently they are not only unable to forgive
they are also slow to forget.
I will always maintain it wasn't my fault.
It was an assident and although the
Grand Jury did discuss the incident, the
records clearly state that no charges were ever filed.


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