Friday, September 7, 2012

Is there a doctor or priest in the house?

I guess I'm in trouble.

Da says I must now use the word "again"

I'm in trouble again.
(satisfied Da?)
Anyhow, I was just surfing around in the
pink lady chat room the other night.

Looking for some action with my best
Pink Lady Friend, Shiela.
!!!! HooYa !!!!
And Da says I picked up a virus on his computer.
I wasn't trying to pick up anyone.
All I know is now when you turn the dang thing on
This pops up and the machine locks.
Da says that something is Festering on the
Anyone know
an Exorcist?
Or maybe
a virologist.
Anyhow. I have snucked into the neighbor's house
to post this.
Interesting... does anyone know how to open
 a safe that probably has lots
of interesting stuff inside?
As long as I'm already in here
I have the time to investigate.
Apparantly they are in Chicago all weekend.
Slipping past the alarm system was easypeasey but
that safe has a certain PolyBear
(who will remain nameless) frustrated.
I forgot...
I picked up just the thing for an uncooperative safe.
I ordered it two weeks ago and have it hidden under a tarp
out in Da's polebarn waiting for a problem just like this.
You can't go wrong remembering the 
Boy Scout Motto.
You don't know it?
Well, take notes Tenderfoot
because there will be a test.
"Walk softly and use a long fuse." 

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